Why KeDa Creative?

KeDa Creative is your one stop shop for your video needs. While we specialize in multi camera live production we are equally at home in producing many different types of media. Often that media can either stand on its own or be incorporated into a live production. We have been producing in 4k or UHD for many years. At four times the resolution of standard HD we are able to deliver a finished product that has the same level of detail that we put into the work we do to create your media. Reach out today to find out how KeDa Creative can help you break through the noise and get your message heard.

What our clients say

“The test of a true visionary team is the ability to hear what their clients want and then be able to not only deliver, but to astound with results that are next-level above what was even thought possible.” – Michael Brix

Yes! And… Collaborative Arts Executive Director

“Affordable, professional, and always a sexy finished product. Our go-to guys when we need to get sh*t done.” – Scott Jacobsen

DoneGood co-founder and club president

“The technical expertise and cinematic quality they bring to every project is beyond impressive. You really can’t find a better crew to work with.” – Michael Starosciak

CardConnect VP Marketing

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Who we are?

At the core KeDa Creative is Kelly G. Ireland and David Manzo. Our passion for storytelling has led both of us to using meticulously cultivated moving images and sound to give voice to that passion.

  • A two minute video can inform more than a 2 hour presentation
  • In this new media landscape grabbing the views attention is more important than ever
  • Don't try to meet the bar, exceed it by far
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About us

KeDa Creative combines many decades of experience across multiple disciplines in the creative fields. We have worked in live event production, theater, live music, on location, in studio, and across the globe. We have the skills to accomplish many tasks within the media creation realm and have a broad network of talent that can be brought to bear to help drill down into any needed speciality. Let our team focus their skills on your image and communications.

Latest news

The thing about starts

This page more than any has given me pause. This is a start. Starting something new can be filled with unknowns. It can be filled with miscues and stumbles. The genesis of something can also be filled with passion and the creation of something that has never been seen. Dave and I have been collaborating […]


Last year I had the opportunity to run a group buy for the linear array LED from Flolight called the Bladelight. The people at OSEE monitor company reached out to ask if I’d run a group buy for the LCM156-E, LCM170-E, and LCM230-E. We need 21 purchases to get a 15% discount on the MSRP. We will […]

For Cindy… A live stream of a benefit solo piano concert

With the help of a talented crew David and I were able to provide a live stream for this wonderful event for Michael Borowski. Thank you so much, buddy, for letting us document this special evening. Our video of that night Our Promotional video for the event

Maybe I shouldn’t say this but….

I’ve been telling any business owner I meet a distilled version of this article for years. It is usually a part of my soft sell about not creating one video but doing a series. Smaller local businesses can get away with much lower production cost in terms of number of locations, amount of crew members, […]

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